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free_gaia's Journal

Free Gaia
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This community is a multi-level, broad spectrum approach to world problems
This community is a multi-level approach, targeting the world's ills we see today, to do something pro-active about them.

We can all agree, I think, that this world is rotting. There are problems embedded so deeply into society, they almost reach the core. Day after day, we see problems of all kinds- global warming, corruption, prejudice, child abuse, and cruelty.

We need to bring these problems, many of which lurk in the darkest corners of our world, to light. We need to inform others about them, even if it's as simple as bringing these things up in conversations, or posting on forum boards. Believe me when I say every little bit helps.

But just bringing them to light isn't enough. For example, you can't worry about global warming, and then get refuse to give up driving your car. Similarly, you can't complain about litter, and then throw a McDonald's cup out your car window.

Going further than that, pick up litter you see. Get people to carpool, or use public transportation. Challenge the hypocrisy and corruption you see in every day life.

We have to bring to a halt activities that harm the earth, and try to reverse the ills done to it.

Causes have almost nothing to do with this. Religion here doesn't matter, God doesn't matter, sexual orientation, gender, education, or other similar affiliations. Free the earth from these problems because it's the right thing to do as human beings.

We're the ones with awareness and consciousness. We have to be the stewards of the earth.